What would happen if mortgage rates go up to 5% ?Panic for sure .So will intertest rate go up ? Yes just a bit maybe to 2.5%.No one really knows

Friday Apr 30th, 2021


Houes are up .Will they come down ? No one knows. why most people dont want to sell evn though it is the best time to sell and run to another town or province and buy simaler for less and still have a roof over your head and sleep and eat three square meals daily and send your kids to school as yopu wolud have in a bigger city were you live before were your was was worth $1,200,000.00 and SOLD it and purchased in another Province in a smlleri city for the price of $699,000.00 Wow ,what a bid difference. What has changed for you? just that you are and have more money in your bank account to the things you have dreamed of doing. Maybe send your kids to private school.or buy a cottage,and go for more vacations,.Maybe you want to buy an investment property or franchice and work for yourself. There are many possibilities for you now

Good Luck



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